Eating Disorders Association of Canada. eating disorders; clinicians; researchers; professionals; association; Canada; anorexia; bulimia; binge eating; ARFID; OSFED; troubles alimentaires; troubles de l’alimentation; cliniciens; chercheurs; recherche; professionnels; association; Canada; anorexie; boulimie; hyperphagie; Trouble de restriction ou evitement de l'ingestion d'aliments; Autre trouble de l'alimentation ou de l'ingestion d'aliments specifié

Membership Rates

One YearTwo Year
AED 5% discount = $118.75AED 5% discount =$219.50

Student $75 per year (requires email proof of registration)

Memberships run from January-December.
Members who join after November 1st shall have their membership credited to the following year.