Eating Disorders Association of Canada. eating disorders; clinicians; researchers; professionals; association; Canada; anorexia; bulimia; binge eating; ARFID; OSFED; troubles alimentaires; troubles de l’alimentation; cliniciens; chercheurs; recherche; professionnels; association; Canada; anorexie; boulimie; hyperphagie; Trouble de restriction ou evitement de l'ingestion d'aliments; Autre trouble de l'alimentation ou de l'ingestion d'aliments specifié

Canadian eating-disorders organizations release national strategy on treatment and prevention

After three years of working with individuals from NEID, NEDIC and EDFC, members of EDAC helped create a strategy for eating disorders for Canada with recommendations in six different pillars of our field including Prevention, Public Education and Awareness, Treatment, Caregiver Support, Training and Research with EDAC contributing most directly to the training and research recommendations. Members of our community attended the official launch of the strategy document in Toronto on November 7 and we look forward to continuing to liaise with the other three national organizations to see the impact of this important document.

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